The Hebrew Heritage Translation
Exploring the Jewish Roots of Christian Faith through a new Bible Translation.


The Hebrew Heritage Translation is a dynamic equivalent English translation of the Greek text which communicates the Hebrew meaning of the sayings of Jesus. Hebraic thought, the miraculous, and divine compassion come alive in the Hebrew Heritage Translation.

About Dr. Brad H. Young
Dr. Brad H. Young is the founder and President of the Gospel Research Foundation, Inc.

Residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. Brad H. Young is an Tenured Professor of Judaic-Christian Studies of the Graduate School of Theology at Oral Roberts University (ORU). A native of Sapulpa, Oklahoma, he received a B.A. from ORU, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Hebrew University. Dr. Young is an internationally recognized authority on the comparative study of the Gospel and rabbinic parables. Dr. Young's work has challenged audiences to see Jesus in Second Temple Period Judaism. Having broad appeal, Dr. Young's seminars attract both Catholics and mainline Protestants, Evangelicals and Charismatics, those who are aiming for academic careers, and those who are preparing for ministry in the church.

Have Dr. Young Visit Your Congregation
Possible church seminars include:

The Jewish Perspective on Jesus' Parables
Jesus against the Backdrop of Ancient Judaism
Paul the Jewish Apostle to the Gentiles
Jewish and Christian Prayer in the time of Jesus

Have Dr. Young Lead Your Trip to Israel
Experience Israel like Jesus did!
GRF and Dr. Young coordinate to present a life-changing Israel experience of Biblical, historical, cultural, and archaeological discovery.

The Gospel Research Foundation (GRF) is dedicated to the scholarly exploration and spiritual restoration of the Jesus' Jewish roots. GRF seeks to interpret properly the teachings of Jesus in their authentic Jewish context giving fresh vitality to Christian experience. GRF works to place the best scholarship in the service of people who want to learn about Christianity’s Jewish heritage. GRF also promotes interfaith understanding between Christians and Jews through mutual respect and appreciation.