Exploring the Jewish Roots of Christian Faith through text study

The Gospel Research Foundation is committed to long term projects which accomplish the founding purpose.

I. Hebrew Heritage Translation

Existing translations of the Bible were birthed in a rationalistic age which minimized the miraculous and ignored Hebraic thought. Hebraic thought embraced the world view in which God worked miracles to help people He loves. The imagery of the Hebrew language conveyed the concept of divine compassion. Early Jewish followers of Jesus told their stories under the influence of their faith and culture.

The Hebrew Heritage Translation will seek dynamic equivalents in English of the Greek text which will communicate the Hebrew meaning of the sayings of Jesus. Present translations render the Greek text without thought for the Hebraic perspective of early Christianity. Every reader should be able to hear the words with a like-minded understanding similar to the original audience who first heard the message. This translation is in its final stages and needs $10,000 for final editing, formatting, and publication. Please consider a donation for the production of the Hebrew Heritage Translation.

On-Line Chapters of Hebrew Heritage Translation by Dr. Brad Young
The Gospel According to Luke
The Epistle to the Romans

II. Hebrew Heritage Study Bible

The Gospel Research Foundation is preparing a Hebrew Heritage Study New Testament which will explore the Jewish background of Christianity. Teachings from Judaism in the time of Jesus reveal fresh insight to understand and appreciate the original meaning of the scriptures. Dr. Brad Young has great textual insight and understanding of the Hebrew meanings for words in the Old and New Testaments. He would love to share this knowledge with others. To hire the assistants needed, compile the manuscript, prepare it for printing, and have it printed would cost around $200,000. Please consider making a contribution to the production of this Study Bible.

III. Rabbinic Textual Commentary on the New Testament

The Gospel Research Foundation is preparing a major scholarly commentary on the New Testament based on the comparative study of rabbinic literature, the Dead Sea Scrolls, historical writings, archaeology and all that we can learn about ancient Judaism. This work should supersede the classic German commentary written by Herman Strack and Paul Billerbeck. Comparing the teachings of Jesus with Jewish texts reveals fresh perspective. As a longer term goal of the foundation, this commentary like this would bring English-speaking readers. When the question arises, "What would Second Temple Judaism have said about this scripture?" an English Rabbinic commentary would prove very useful. When scholars and others try to understand what scripture meant in the first century, hopefully, this commentary would be their first choice. This would cost around $400,000. Please consider making a contribution to the production of this commentary. 

In 1987 Dr. Young returned to Oklahoma to fill a teaching post at ORU. He regularly teaches classes on the parables of Jesus, the Jewish Background of the Gospels, Jewish Apocalyptic Literature, Rabbinic Literature, and the theology of the Apostle Paul. Dr. Young has prepared Christian leaders and pastors for effective ministry, and many of his former students are working on Ph.D. degrees at Jewish academic institutions.

In addition to teaching full-time and speaking at seminars and conferences around the world, Dr. Young has maintained a strong commitment to research and writing. The Gospel Research Foundation facilitates his work as an author and teacher. His books include: The Jewish Background to the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus and His Jewish Parables, Jesus the Jewish Theologian, Paul the Jewish Theologian, and The Parables: Jewish Tradition and Christian Interpretation. His books situate the readers in the authentic setting of the first century where they can explore the original Jewish environment for the beginnings of Christian faith. Dr. Young was recognized for his scholarly contribution to the comparative study of the Gospel and rabbinic parables.

As an internationally recognized authority on the life and teaching of Jesus, Dr. Young has had a remarkable impact. His work has challenged audiences to return Jesus to his culture, time and people, to the distant and foreign world of late Second Temple Period Judaism, and to have the courage to listen to his teachings afresh. Having broad appeal, Dr. Young's seminars attract both Catholics and mainline Protestants, Evangelicals and Charismatics, those who are aiming for academic careers as well as those who are preparing for ministry in the church. Lay people discover a fresh perspective.

Whether through writing, teaching or public speaking, Dr. Young’s message always enlightens, stimulates and stretches his audiences. Active in interfaith dialogue, he has worked to build bridges of understanding between the Jewish and Christian communities of faith. His passion is studying and teaching the Jesus presented in the Synoptic Gospels against the rich and diverse backdrop of ancient Judaism. For such a task, having lived, studied, and taught in Jerusalem for ten years, Dr. Young is uniquely qualified.

The Gospel Research Foundation (GRF) is dedicated to the scholarly exploration and spiritual restoration of the Jesus' Jewish roots. GRF seeks to interpret properly the teachings of Jesus in their authentic Jewish context giving fresh vitality to Christian experience. GRF works to place the best scholarship in the service of people who want to learn about Christianity’s Jewish heritage. GRF also promotes interfaith understanding between Christians and Jews through mutual respect and appreciation.